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Hidangan Baru Restaurant

Hidangan Baru Restaurant by Selba

My friend invited me to eat at his favorite Padang food at Hidangan Baru restaurant which located in Gajah Mada street, Central Jakarta. I have never heard about this restaurant before so I was quite excited to try it.The array of Padang food.Not as much as in the other Padang restaurants.We chose what we want to eat and it was…

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Han Gang, Taman Anggrek

Han Gang, Taman Anggrek by Selba

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The Kitchen by Pizza Hut, Neo Soho Mall Jakarta

The Kitchen by Pizza Hut, Neo Soho Mall Jakarta by Selba

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PUTIEN Jakarta

PUTIEN Jakarta by Selba

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[an.nyeong] Korean Food Cafe

[an.nyeong] Korean Food Cafe by Selba

Last Tuesday afternoon, I was craving for Tokpokki - Korean soft rice cake with fish cake and sweet red chili sauce. Thus, I stopped by first at [an.nyeong] Korean Food Cafe before heading home.When I entered this Korean Food Cafe, there was no customer at all. While ordering and waiting for a box of Tokpokki, I had a little chit chat…

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Pecel (East Javanese vegetable salad)

Pecel (East Javanese vegetable salad) by Selba

In front of my work place, there's a lady selling Pecel every day around lunch time. She brought the ingredients of Pecel in a woven bamboo basket and carried it on her back.Pecel is also Indonesian traditional vegetables salad like Gado - gado and Lotek. The ingredients of the peanut sauce is a bit different and usually is already…

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Tukang Mendoan dan Tahu Goreng Isi

Tukang Mendoan dan Tahu Goreng Isi by Selba

I was on my way home when I saw this cart with Tahu Goreng Isi (filled fried tofu). I just couldn't help myself not to buy and try it.1 piece of Tahu Goreng Isi - Rp. 2.000The frying process.Bird chili is perfect for tahu goreng isi.The tofu filling: grated carrot and bean sprout.Current currency:1 USD = Rp. 14.100

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Omakase at Umaku Sushi Resto, Duren Tiga

Omakase at Umaku Sushi Resto, Duren Tiga by Selba

On a shiny Saturday during the rainy season, Food Escape and I had an amazing and impressive Omakase lunch together at the Umaku branch in Duren Tiga, Pejaten area.I noticed that many sushi lovers are praising about Umaku Sushi Resto. It is not only about the high quality of the freshness fish for the sashimi and sushi but also the…

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Dragon's Bay, Soka at Food Lounge, Bay Walk Mall

Dragon's Bay, Soka at Food Lounge, Bay Walk Mall by Selba

I was hanging out with my mom and her friend at Bay Walk Mall. For lunch, we decided to eat at the Food Lounge which is commonly just a food court.It was already lunch time and there were also many choices of food at this Food Lounge but I was not so sure why it was lack of crowd; not like the other restaurants that we passed by.Mom…

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Segarra, Ancol

Segarra, Ancol by Selba

Yesterday, I was invited by my student to celebrate her birthday party dinner at Segarra Ancol in North Jakarta.Segarra is definitely a nice restaurant with a good view to the Jakarta Bay. As for the food taste, nothing to complain nor to compliment.Sunset view at Segarra.Evening view at Segarra.The table for the birthday dinner…

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