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Rich Dark Chocolate

Rich Dark Chocolate by ramkumari

Rich Dark ChocolateMake syrup with the sugar–One string consistency.Not a feeble string that breaks immediately, but sticks like a shaky pillar. Remove from fire. Add the butter and stir till the butter completely dissolves. BlendCocoa powder and milk powder well and mix this with the sugar syrup & butter combo and keep stirring till…

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Hyderabad Veg biriyan

Hyderabad Veg biriyan by ramkumari

Hyderabad Veg biriyani (DUM biryani)A vegetable biryani from the land of the Nawabs - Hyderabad. The biryani is light, aromatic and deliciously yum....IngredientsInstructions :Cooking the Rice:Pick and clean the rice in running water. Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes.Now you can microwave or pressure cook the rice. You have to…

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Vendakai(Lady's finger/ okra) and Murungaikai(drumstick) Sambar

Vendakai(Lady's finger/ okra) and Murungaikai(drumstick) Sambar by ramkumari

Ingredients :For the Seasoning :Turmeric powder - 1 tsp.For the sambar:Vendaikai - 3 nos.(cut into bite sized pieces)Murungaikai -1 nos(cut at pod intervals)tomato - 1 big(cut small)small onion -10 nos(skinned).Corriander leaves -a handful for…

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Cumin Kashayam

Cumin Kashayam by ramkumari

Cumin KashayamThink Spice - Think Cumin EventSince the purpose of this event is to know the uses of spices I thought I'll post a recipe of cumin with medicinal values .Cumin is an excellent digestive aid ,an appitite stimulant , medicine for cold .For any and all of these problems ..we get best results if they are taken in the…

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Egg Curry and Chapati

Egg Curry and Chapati by ramkumari

Summer Express Cooking EventFor this event,I have used egg kulambu which takes about 15 - 20 min. depending on how much of the ingredients we already have ready like chopped onions ,ginger garlic paste ,tomato puree etc.I'm doing it the traditional way .Cutting all the necessary prior to cooking .As an accompaniment I'm using ready…

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Sandwich maker Recipe

Sandwich maker Recipe by ramkumari

Cheese OmletteINGREDIENTS:Method:Place a small amount of butter in each of the sandwich maker side.Preheat about 2 minutes.mix all the ingredients except cheese together to make the egg mix.Pour half of the eggs evenly into the hot, buttered side of the machine, top with the cheese, pour remaining eggs on top.machine, cook for about 2…

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Mysore (Healthy for kids) Pak

Mysore (Healthy for kids) Pak by ramkumari

This is actually a variation on the traditional sweet for my kids,so this way my youngest dtr gets her proteins ,carbs n fat...she is reed thin !!!Ingredients :Method:In a thick bottomed kadaai ,add sugar and water .stir till u get a string add the rest of the ingredients stirring continuosly .add a dallop of ghee…

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Upma - White

Upma - White by ramkumari

This used to be one of my ...Amma ...iniki Upma ..vaa .To say i used to hate it is right .But today ..I want to eat it ,I've learnt to make it just like my mom ....n my kids love it !Ingredients :red chilly : 2 nosFor Seasoning:Let a tsp of mustard seend sputter in heated oil .curry leaves a fewsalt to tasteMethod:Add the seasoned…

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Muttai Kulambu - Egg Gravy

Muttai Kulambu - Egg Gravy by ramkumari

Ingredients :Method :Heat oil in a kadai , add onion fry till gold ,add tomatoes and other ingredients except corriander.after raw smell leaves the tomatoes ,remove from fire ,Grind it to a fine paste .Heat a little oil in kadai , add the paste and cut egg slices , add a little water and bring to a boil . remove from flamer n serve…

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Sponge Cake - A never Fail recipe

Sponge Cake - A never Fail recipe by ramkumari

4 Eggs (Seperated)1 cup sugar(Powdered)4 Tb Cold water1 cup Sifted Flour(maida)1 tsp Baking Powder .1 tsp vanillaOven Temp ~ 325° Baking Time ~ 30 Min.Pan Type ~ small cake panOptional:4 Tbsp cocoa powder .b)Mix the optional ingredients together very very nicely .Method:Preheat oven, grease a small tube pan.Beat egg yolks and sugar…

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