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Rhubarb Muffins

Rhubarb Muffins by Michelle K.

Rhubarb MuffinsA great rhubarb muffin that shows off all that tart goodness wrapped in sweet cinnamon.

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Rhubarb Kuchen

Rhubarb Kuchen by Michelle K.

Rhubarb KuchenIs it a cake, a pie, or a crumble? A bit of all those, that's what makes it kuchen. With rhubarb this is a buttery sweet-tart dessert that is very satisfying.

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Picnic Potato Salad: Easter Leftovers

Picnic Potato Salad: Easter Leftovers by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!Creamy potato salad perfect with any picnic or BBQThis is the potato salad from my childhood. It was a staple at church potlucks and picnics and something that my Grandma Carson served often. It was also one of my Dad's favorites and one of the compliments he gave me on this recipe was that it was "like how Mom would have…

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Loganberry Jam

Loganberry Jam by Michelle K.

Loganberry JamA summer jam made from a local berry that is delicious and unique in flavor.

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Honey Spiced Apricots

Honey Spiced Apricots by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!Honey spiced apricotsCanning your own fruit is a great way to get through any large quantity you may have on hand - like perhaps 25 lbs. of apricots, for example. Honey spiced apricots take the usual canned fruit to a higher level, giving you a mildly spicy, sweet, cinnamony flavored apricot. These apricots go great with…

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Razor Clams! Part 3: Let's Eat!

Razor Clams! Part 3: Let's Eat! by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!Razor clam sizzling in butterThe best way to eat your freshly cleaned clams is also the fastest and easiest. Get your skillet heating up over a medium flame - you want it to be hot, but not smoking. Season your butterflied clam with a bit of kosher salt and pepper then dredge it in some cornstarch. Shake off any excess.…

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Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake by Michelle K.

Rhubarb Upside-down CakeHighlighting the tang of rhubarb paired with the fluffy sweetness of cake, this upside-down presentation is so pretty. Don't forget to get your eggs and butter out in advance to get them up to room temperature.

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Spelt Yogurt Cake: Gâteau au Yaourt

Spelt Yogurt Cake: Gâteau au Yaourt by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!Spelt yogurt cake with strawberriesI bet you read that title, wrinkled your nose, and thought "Ick". All the while thinking "Yogurt and spelt? In cake? Those do not go in a cake." They do though! Really really well even! Keep reading to see how and then try this for yourself, you will not be disappointed.You do not…

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Garlic and Pepper Pickled Asparagus

Garlic and Pepper Pickled Asparagus by Michelle K.

Garlic and Pepper Asparagus PicklesA highly customizable pickle that you can tailor to your favorite pickle flavors.

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Stuffed Zucchini With Pasta

Stuffed Zucchini With Pasta by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!Stuffed zucchini with pastaMy family is not a huge fan of casseroles. I think it is because everything tends to have a similar texture of well cooked and a bit soft after spending an hour or more in the oven. If I serve it with a creative salad and crusty bread I can usually make everyone happy. Stuffed zucchini with…

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