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Engagements and Irish Beef Stew

Engagements and Irish Beef Stew by Megan Gayeski

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Accidents and Turkey

Accidents and Turkey by Megan Gayeski

My apologies for being a bit MIA lately.You never know when a second can change your life entirely.It was a few months ago, when I was helping out in clinic. A patient had to be emergently transferred to the intensive care unit, and I offered to help, as I knew the fastest way there.We raced through the hospital, weaving around…

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Lizards and Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Lizards and Brussels Sprouts Slaw by Megan Gayeski

I’m an animal lover. I really am. I just prefer them to stay in one piece.Back in my senior year high school, my parents and brothers went on a weekend vacation, and I had stayed home for an extra day since I was planning on visiting some friends in college. As the responsible child, it was my job to feed the pets before I left.Which…

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Going Home and Blueberry Buckle

Going Home and Blueberry Buckle by Megan Gayeski

Sometimes, patients are really excited to go home.You’d be surprised how many patients never want to leave the hospital. Some people actually like the food, others think that we’re more like a full-service hotel than a place for patient care, et cetera.Other patients are more normal. And they want to leave.We were rounding that…

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Devils and Black Pepper Strawberry Jam

Devils and Black Pepper Strawberry Jam by Megan Gayeski

You really never do know what is about to come out of someone’s mouth.I was on a consult month and had just gotten a new patient. Now, I will admit that the feisty patients are some of my favorites- they really break up the day and are by far the most memorable.This lady was FEISTY. I walked in and was immediately informed that she…

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Peonies and Beet Risotto

Peonies and Beet Risotto by Megan Gayeski

You can tell I’m my mother‘s daughter because of my ability to mishear words.I was about five years old at the time and spring had finally arrived in Michigan. Along with the warm weather, we loved seeing the flowers erupting in our yard. (It was always a very proud day when I got to bring my teachers snowballs and lilacs I picked…

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Names and Stuffing/Dressing

Names and Stuffing/Dressing by Megan Gayeski

I realize that my last name is complicated. However, there are still unacceptable things to call me.I was born with a Polish last name that isn’t quite pronounced the way it’s spelled. It actually used to be far more complicated, but my great grandfather had changed it, assuming that people would still know the basic pronunciation of…

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ICUs and Mini Tacos

ICUs and Mini Tacos by Megan Gayeski

Some behavior is hospital appropriate. Other behavior is not.When you’re in the hospital, I expect you to be physically sick. You’re coughing. You’re vomiting, You’re in a ton of pain. You’re having high fevers. You’re having a heart attack. You’re undergoing surgery. The list goes on and on for what symptoms I’m expecting you to have…

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Glasses and Chicken Stock

Glasses and Chicken Stock by Megan Gayeski

To children, some decisions seem far more important than they really are.I’m legendary in my house for how great my vision was as a small child. According to my mother, I used to be able to identify the different planes that flew over our house (we were lucky enough to be on the flight path for a major airport) by calling out the…

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Beer and Wine Jelly

Beer and Wine Jelly by Megan Gayeski

Sometimes, patient’s don’t understand what isn’t allowed in the hospital.Back in med school, I was on the medicine inpatient wards. In medicine, you always have some patients who have been in the hospital for a while. And those patients sometimes are allowed to have a bit more freedoms just because they’re essentially living in the…

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