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Ulantha Satham/Black Urad dhall Rice

Ulantha Satham/Black Urad dhall Rice by meena

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Sukku Kali/Dry Ginger halwa

Sukku Kali/Dry Ginger halwa by meena

Sukku Kali ,this is usually given for new mothers ,this is good for everybody too.I thought it was very difficult to make,so i tried in small portion.This was simple to make,but it needs quite a stirring ,sure can use another hand.Important thing,they cannot be prepared and eaten is same day.It should be left overnight and had next…

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Tomato Briyani

Tomato Briyani by meena

PagesTomato BriyaniThis is my our family's favorite rice.It is quite pain taking ,but the outcome is fabulous and tasty.Serve hot with onion raita and potato chips.IngredientsBasmati Rice - 2cups , washed and soaked for 10min.Procedure :Takea pan and boil water, put a cross mark with a knife in tomatoes and addto the boiling water…

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Grapes Lemonade

Grapes Lemonade by meena

PagesGrapes LemonadeToo bored from usual grape juice,I prepared this lovely grapes lemonade.I just added lemon juice,salt and pepper.It tasted awesome.IngredientsMethodWhip all the ingredients together in a mixture just for 2 seconds.Refrigerate it for atleast 1 hour.Serve them chilled.

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Curd Rice

Curd Rice by meena

Curd rice is a my favourite.I tried many versions but this one is a definite keeper.I tried adding Greek Valley Yogurt as i dont make curd at home.If you have curd ,use single cream also ,which enriches the taste and flavour.Dont add too much.I have added the butter in the last and let it melt and added directly to the rice.Dont let…

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Bread and Channa Masala - Tiffin Idea

Bread and Channa Masala - Tiffin Idea by meena

I have tasted bread and peas masala in Saravana Bhavan.I love them.I wanted to make it at home,i have used ChannaMasala,i think you can use any beans and give a try.I had used butter to saute ,it gives a unique taste to the dish.Cook the channa to soft by adding a small stick of cinnamon and 1 cardamom.IngredientsMethodHeat oil and…

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Capsicum Peas Podi Curry

Capsicum Peas Podi Curry by meena

I use capsicum for pasta and noodles.When there are more left ,i didnt know what curry to make to suit rice.My mum said capsicum and peas podi curry idea.Perfect with any rice or roti.I have used frozen peas ,MW for 3min.If u r using dry peas cook them before adding to this dish,as capsicum cooks too soon.You can add all the ground…

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Pasta with Homemade sauce

Pasta with Homemade sauce by meena

This home made pasta sauce is simple and adding Maggi Masala seasoning makes the pasta still tasty.Simmering for 5min after adding pasta is optional.I like the sauce to be coated well.You can add the italian seasoning too.IngredientsMethodHeat olive oil,add the garlic and toss for a 2 second,dont make it golden.Now add the chopped…

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Tamarind rice

Tamarind rice by meena

PagesTamarind ricePuliyodharai satham was one of my favorites ,my mom used to make it so well.I have tried to master her recipe but in vain ,at last i succeeded.I am so happy to share with you guys.I am reduced the oil ,spicy and tangy taste little ,feel free to increase them.I like the nuts like channa dhall,cashew ,urad dhall and…

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Cauliflower Peas Kurma

Cauliflower Peas Kurma by meena

I prepared this simple yet delicious curry.It was perfect to restaurant style.I tried grating onions and tomato, it was awesome gravy.You dont feel the rawness of the onion.You add little onion ,adding too much spoil the taste of the gravy,I grinded poppy seeds and cashew first,so that poppy seeds becomes fine, then added all the…

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