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Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner by Maria Tadic

Breakfast for DinnerPosted on15th April 2013inRecipesbymewinebrennerI don’t think it’s explicitly been said, but bagels are lox (aka smoked salmon) have become a breakfast tradition for my family. Any major holiday, get together or vacation, bagels and lox make an appearance on the menu. My sister is generally charged with finding…

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Not My Mama’s Broccoli

Not My Mama’s Broccoli by Maria Tadic

Not My Mama’s BroccoliPosted on8th April 2013inRecipesbymewinebrennerAs a kid, there were many a night that I would sit at our dinner table for hours. My Mom was always a stickler for “finishing all your vegetables.” I’d stare at my cold asparagus spears or sweet potatoes for what seemed like an eternity. Unless, that is… our fat…

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