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Pritong Atay ng Manok (Fried Chicken Livers)

Pritong Atay ng Manok (Fried Chicken Livers) by Manny Montala

Pritong Atay ng Manok (Fried Chicken Livers)September 22nd, 2013Fried chicken liver or pritong atay ng manok should be breaded or batter coating so it will not be too tough and too dry. The breading mixture will make the liver moist and soft.IngredientsHow to cook pritong atay ng manok:Clean the chicken livers for any fat or tissues…

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Chicken and Pork Embotido

Chicken and Pork Embotido by Manny Montala

Chicken and Pork EmbotidoOctober 14th, 2013Chicken and pork embotido is a combination of ground pork and ground chicken meat and made into a meatloaf. The original embutido use only pork but this one has chicken meat in it. Embutido is a Filipino version of meat loaf wrap in aluminum foil. The traditional way is wrapping the embutido…

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Prawns Thermidor

Prawns Thermidor by Manny Montala

Prawns ThermidorAugust 21st, 2014 MannyPrawns thermidor is a counterpart of the well known lobster thermidor. Since lobster is so expensive and hard to find, you can use jumbo shrimps or large prawns as substitute for that elegant seafood dish.Ingredients:Cook prawns in a little water over low fire for 1 hour.Cut shell at the back and…

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Hawaiian Salpicao

Hawaiian Salpicao by Manny Montala

Hawaiian SalpicaoDecember 28th, 2013This salpicao dish is Hawaiian inspired that is why it is called Hawaiian salpicao. The pork contains pineapple chunks, tofu, spices and seasonings. I wonder why dishes with pineapples are called Hawaiian since not every dishes in Hawaii contains pineapples. I just assume that since pineapples are…

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Seafood Crepes ala Magic Pan

Seafood Crepes ala Magic Pan by Manny Montala

This seafood crepe recipe is made from crab meat and shrimps filling. Wondering why it is called ala “magic pan”? It’s because this crepe is similar to the crepes served in an American restaurant called “The Magic Pan” which specializes in crepes and is popular in the states in the late 70’s through 1990’s.Ingredients:Combine flour,…

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10 Summer Food Ideas to Bring to the Beach or Resorts

10 Summer Food Ideas to Bring to the Beach or Resorts by Manny Montala

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Meaty Filipino Style Spaghetti

Meaty Filipino Style Spaghetti by Manny Montala

Meaty Filipino Style SpaghettiOctober 27th, 2013Spaghetti is one of the dishes we adopted from foreign cultures and our version of spaghetti is somehow different from the original Italian style spaghetti which only consists of tomato sauce plus herbs and spices. What makes our spaghetti really Pinoy is the addition of banana ketchup,…

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Stuffed Crab in Coconut Milk (Rellenong Alimasag sa Gata)

Stuffed Crab in Coconut Milk (Rellenong Alimasag sa Gata) by Manny Montala

Stuffed Crab in Coconut Milk (Rellenong Alimasag sa Gata)November 30th, 2013This stuffed blue crabs recipe consist of ground pork and coconut meat, spices and than stewed in coconut milk. Among the kinds of stuffed crabs, the claws and feet are not removed, just the top hard shell and the crab meat. Then it is stuffed again with the…

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Adobong Pusit at Tokwa (Squid Adobo with Tofu)

Adobong Pusit at Tokwa (Squid Adobo with Tofu) by Manny Montala

Adobong Pusit at Tokwa (Squid Adobo with Tofu)December 5th, 2013Adobong pusit is a favorite among the many Filipino dishes and there are also variations on cooking it. This version of adobong pusit was combined with fried tofu which I’m not sure where this kind of recipe originates but this is always cooked in our home. Maybe my wife…

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Pork Chops en Papillote

Pork Chops en Papillote by Manny Montala

Pork Chops en PapilloteSeptember 16th, 2014 MannyThe term “en papillote” is a French cooking method of wrapping the food in paper before baking. The paper used is usually parchment paper but other materials can be used such as aluminum foil. This cooking method seals all the juices and taste unlike if you will bake it without any…

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