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Breakfast Banana Muffins

Breakfast Banana Muffins by Lyvvie

Breakfast Banana MuffinsWoke up to no milk for cereal. Not a nice way to start a Saturday, with kids grumbling they can't eat anything. Woe is them, woe I say! Fine, I'll make muffins. Yes, I have no milk, but who needs milk to make muffins??I do have a bunch of perfectly spotted bananas and quickly whipped together a muffin batter. I…

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Vegan Lemon Extreme Cupcakes Recipe!

Vegan Lemon Extreme Cupcakes Recipe! by Lyvvie

**Just an update to say these cupcakes won 1st place for flavour and 2nd place for presentation at the school's country fair. Shorty is very pleased and we're all proud of her.Now really you have to say extreme like it's a monster truck rally, because these are EXTREME! Ka-POW! Punch in the salivary glands and make your neck ache…

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Wiener Fish Bento for 09.03.10

Wiener Fish Bento for 09.03.10 by Lyvvie

Wiener Fish Bento for 09.03.10They have: grapes, red pepper heart (Was naturally that way) a home made fruit cake, cherry tomato. Mains have wiener fish and octodog, cucumber and salad with red and green apples and an orange slice.The fruit cake is a super easy recipe and only has three ingredients:Mix the milk and flour until well…

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Bento for 23.02.10

Bento for 23.02.10 by Lyvvie

Both girls got the same, Sliced white nectarine, carrot, cucumber, pickle and red pepper and a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. I baked the bread too.Our fig tree is bursting with fruit. I was trying to chase the greedy birds away, but after 4lbs/2kg of fruit so far, I think I'm the one being greedy. I decided to make…

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The Summer Sloth

The Summer Sloth by Lyvvie

It's been a quiet summer for us so far. Husband has been working really hard to meet his installation deadlines and Sassyface has a painful toe and can't go out walking much. It's hot, no one's very hungry and bento has fallen off the radar. Of course with school starting up in a few weeks, there will be two daily bento for me to…

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