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Moong dal Halwa

Moong dal Halwa by Lilly mammamma

My friend Pushpa Sriram is an awesome cook and makes delicious sweets and she shared this with me, one of her mother's recipe, a halwa made with moong dal which is very nutritous:saffron few strands.Khova - optionalGarnishing: slivered almonds,pistas, roasted cashew and raisins.Soak moong dal for 4 hours. Soaksaffron in a little warm…

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Panha by Lilly mammamma

This is a recipe for a fruit drink made out of raw mangoes ideal and cooling for the summer.Ingredients:Raw (sour) green mangoes : 2 no.s (Large ones peel and cube)Method:Cook the cubed mangoes in 1 cup of water in thick bottomed vessel till soft and done. Add the sugar and boil till sugar dissolves well . Add pepper, salt and ginger…

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Sweet Sour Mango curry

Sweet Sour Mango curry by Lilly mammamma

The lovely mango season is just round the corner and what better recipe can I post than that with ripe but sour mangoes which you may have bought by mistake!Ingredients:Sweet sour mangoes (size of your fist) : 5 or 6 ( Ripe but sour mangoes)Method:Take a thick bottomed vessel and keep the washed mangoes in it and add water to just…

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Drumstick Palya/Curry

Drumstick Palya/Curry by Lilly mammamma

You may be wondering why so many recipes of drumstick and its accessories! We have a drumstick tree in our backyard and when it is season ,we distribute the harvest of the juicy drumsticks ( everybody says these short drumsticks taste special, and it is indeed true)to our neighbors and with what is left I used to make so many types of…

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Deep Fried Drumsticks

Deep Fried Drumsticks by Lilly mammamma

There I come up with one more of drumstick recipe. This is a very tasty fry and you will like it surely.Here's howIngredients:Fresh and tender Indian DrumsticksMethod:Peel and cut the drumsticks as shown in the picture.Wash well and let the water drain. Put these in a flat bowl. On to the drumstick pieces sprinkle the salt and chilli…

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Jaggery syrup for dosas

Jaggery syrup for dosas by Lilly mammamma

Children are fussy about food is it not? And if you made dosas they do not like chutney or sambar with it. Probably you serve them ghee and sugar or may be jam? But here is a simple jaggery syrup ( which is better and healthier than refined sugar).Ingredients:Jaggery : 500 gms.cardamom : 3 or 4 peeled and powdered fineMethod:Put the…

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Jam biscuits/Cookies

Jam biscuits/Cookies by Lilly mammamma

This is a recipe from a magazine which I copied in my recipe book long back,I do not remember which magazine, but this comes out well and children love itIngredients:Multipurpose flour (maida) :600 gmsButter/dalda :600 gmsRice flour :300 gms.Mixed fruit jam : 400 gms bottle (to be used as desired)Method :Cream fat and sugar.Add the…

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Easy Coconut Cookies

Easy Coconut Cookies by Lilly mammamma

This is also a recipe from a magazine which I copied to my recipe book long back,I do not remember which magazine, but this comes out well and children love it .Ingredients:Method:Beat egg whites till stiff.Add vanilla essence. Mix in the flour and coconut scrapings and mix well. Take a baking tray and grease it.Sprinkle some flour on…

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Kalakand with Milkmaid

Kalakand with Milkmaid by Lilly mammamma

Ingredients:Milkmaid : 1 tin ( 400gms)MethodPour the 2 cups of milk in a thick vessel. Boil the milk and add the sour curd to curdle the milk. Add the milkmaid tin contents and sugar to this and keep boiling till the mixture dries up and leaves the sides of the vessel. remove from fire and set in a large greased plate with edges (not…

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Date Halwa

Date Halwa by Lilly mammamma

This recipe is from my friend Radha who always tried out new stuff and shared it with me.Ingredients:Method:Wash the dates well and chop into small pieces.Add this to the milk.Add a 1/2 cup of water also and pressure cook for 10 minutes.Take it out of the cooker and lightly mash with a pestle.Transfer the contents to a thick pan and…

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