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Almond Croissants

Almond Croissants by Li

Do you have a cafe that you go to frequently as a meeting place? Somewhere that you can call the 'usual place' and others will know what you're referring to? For me and a small group of my closest friends from high school, that would be Le Pain Quotidien, or as we like to call it more simply, the French cafe.It's not particularly…

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Whole Wheat Apple & Walnut Cake

Whole Wheat Apple & Walnut Cake by Li

My posts have been lagging lately - I'm not losing interest, I swear, but December is hectic. What with the holidays, Christmas, plane trips, family obligations and that ever-looming apocalypse, I have to plan ahead to find time and bake. And let's face it, I'm not good at planning ahead.I should also probably add that I've…

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Apple Muffins

Apple Muffins by Li

Everyone has a Pile of Deadlines. Mine is usually split into "Work I Want To Do" and "Work I Will Do Anything To Avoid". Well, the latter pile is just starting to explode on me this week.Muffins are the perfect thing to make when you're buried under that pile of work that you still don't quite want to touch. They are fast and easy.…

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1 Year of Blogging: Cinnamon Nutella Cake

1 Year of Blogging: Cinnamon Nutella Cake by Li

Remember when I marked my first week of blogging?It has now been a year. My baby blog is a year old! Clearly, this calls for celebration. And true to my blog's namesake, I've got cake.Ignore the fact that my site already seems full of nutella recipes. You can't ever have too many, right? This cake comes from the BBC's 101 Cakes and…

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Custard Powder Cookies

Custard Powder Cookies by Li

I wasn't going to bake anything for Easter this year because this month has already been pretty full of sweet things. Except, well, I can't quite pass up an opportunity to bake on a long weekend. So here are some last minute cookies to sweeten up your Easter holiday!Strictly speaking these aren't really specifically for Easter. But…

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Old Fashioned Sponge Cake with Whipped Mascarpone Cream and Fresh Berries

Old Fashioned Sponge Cake with Whipped Mascarpone Cream and Fresh Berries by Li

It was my dad's birthday yesterday. Since I started this ever time-consuming and money-draining little hobby of mine called baking, it's become a sort of tradition for me to bake a cake for my parents on their birthdays. For me, it's a great excuse to…

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Black Russian Cake

Black Russian Cake by Li

I was scouring the internet for quotes on chocolate cake to start off this post (oh, the life of a food blogger) and I came across this:"He showed the words "chocolate cake" to a group of Americans and recorded their word associations. "Guilt" was the top response. If that strikes you as unexceptional, consider the response of the…

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Blueberry Muffin Cake with Coconut Streusel

Blueberry Muffin Cake with Coconut Streusel by Li

A few days ago I really, really wanted blueberry muffins, but I didn't want to have to go through the whole process of scrubbing clean a muffin pan. Because, well, that's just a pain.Admit it. I know you've been there.So I made a muffin cake instead.Blueberry muffin cake with coconut streusel. I sliced into it while it was still hot…

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Nutty Biscuit Slices {Daring Bakers}

Nutty Biscuit Slices {Daring Bakers} by Li

[Sarah from All Our Fingers in the Pie was our February 2013 Daring Bakers' host and she challenged us to use our creativity in making our own Crisp Flatbreads and Crackers!]I missed last month's DB challenge, so I'm making up for it this month by being extra organized. I actually made this two weeks ago (before my agonizing teeth…

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Chinese New Year Assorted Cookie Boxes

Chinese New Year Assorted Cookie Boxes by Li

Happy Chinese New Year!Which is... tomorrow. Ah. I meant to publish this a lot earlier so that people could have a chance to try some recipes if they wanted. As usual, my sense of timing is warped. But better late than never, eh?CNY is a week of family meals and visits, gift-giving and money-receiving. Cookies are abundant. The ones…

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