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Carrot & Zucchini Soup

Carrot & Zucchini Soup by Koy Middleton

I haven't cooked anything new recently since my husband keeps travelling on business trips..This weekend he happened to be in town and I decided to make this soup as a healthy lunch for him on lazy Sunday !Ingredients:Method:Heat oil in a large pot on medium heat. Add garlic, onion & celery. Saute until onions are slightly browned,…

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Indian Spicy Dry-Fried Prawns

Indian Spicy Dry-Fried Prawns by Koy Middleton

My husband has been eating more seafood & chicken than red meat since he started being on diet. And I chose to make this spicy prawn instead of salad or roasted dish to jazz things up for him !The recipeCurry leavesGreen Chillies-5In a bowl,take the cleaned prawns.To that add ginger garlic paste,turmeric powder,chilly powder,coriander…

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Baked Mac & Cheese

Baked Mac & Cheese by Koy Middleton

I've made mac&cheese a few times but all of those are stove top version. This is the first time that I made a baked version which is similar to the one my friend always makes for her when we go to our farm in England!The recipe which I asked my friend for it and the following is what she told me..A basic cheese sauce , butter and…

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Kenyan Corn & Bean Salad

Kenyan Corn & Bean Salad by Koy Middleton

I've fallen in love with fews of Kenyan dishes when we went there for our Safari trip early this when we got back to HK, I googled and got few more Kenyan interesting recipes including this one!The original recipe is to make a stew but I decided to change it into salad form, so I slightly modified the recipe to make my own…

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Indian Style Fish in Mustard Curry

Indian Style Fish in Mustard Curry by Koy Middleton

It's not often that I use fish to cook for Indian dishes. So,when I saw this interesting fish curry recipe a while ago, it ,of course, caught my attention at the first sight and I undoubtedly wanted to give it a try ! Finally, I managed to make the dish and was very happy with my outcome!The recipeFresh coriander for garnishWash the…

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Malted Pretzel Crunch

Malted Pretzel Crunch by Koy Middleton

I've been making this lovely crunch for a few times and it never fails to please people which are both adults and kids who I serve for. Pretzels are good enough to be eaten alone but with few extra ingredients, it amazingly makes the thing much more scrumptious ! Please except my apology for a late post /sharing this amazing…

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Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower Cheese by Koy Middleton

Cauliflower is not my favorite vegetable , thus it's not an ingredient I would normally use for my cooking. However, a friend of mine made this dish as a side dish for dinner when we visited her house a while ago and it turned out to be a big hit for the kids, especially my daughter. Consequently, she kept asking me to cook for her…

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Kenyan Beef Stew

Kenyan Beef Stew by Koy Middleton

We went to Kenya for 10 days Safari trip during CNY break and we had really really fabulous time and great experience with not only all those animals that we never saw but also lots of delicious food made by local chefs at the camp we stayed. We couldn't feel more flattered with the way they treated us and it, of course, is one of the…

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Cheesy Chicken Tater tots Casserole

Cheesy Chicken Tater tots Casserole by Koy Middleton

I've learned lots of new things through food blogs over 8 years since I started cooking and seems never end to find something new that I sometimes can't believe how long it takes me to know that they exist !! ...And the case for this casserole is tater tots!!The recipe is very's easy and fast to prepare and…

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Oaty Malty Chocolatey Cookies

Oaty Malty Chocolatey Cookies by Koy Middleton

I've got a big bag of malt powder which hasn't been used for a long time. Thus, when I came across these cookie called for quite a lot of it, I then decided to give it a try without a second thought !What a lovely cookie!!IngredientsMethod :1. Preheat oven to 160C.2. Cream butter, then add sugar and cream until fluffy. Add eggs and…

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