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Easy like Sunday morning...

Easy like Sunday morning... by Kimberly

Easy like Sunday morning...So Saturday was pleasant and sunny and warm, the first non-rainy day for 20 days straight in of course, as we lay in bed Sunday morning, we woke up to the heavy beat of rain on the skylights. Everything was soaked again. It's a good thing we got in our yard work and beach time when we did on…

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Nights of Wine and Roses (and healthy bread)

Nights of Wine and Roses (and healthy bread) by Kimberly

Nights of Wine and Roses (and healthy bread)Last night it was raining again, and neither of us really felt like a big meal. I was craving bread, which we've been trying to avoid lately, so I gave in and threw together a wholegrain maple-oat quickbread.I love our porch. It has a clear roof on it, so we can sit on our porch and stay dry…

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Bleu-Green Salad

Bleu-Green Salad by Kimberly

Bleu-Green SaladO happy day! At long last, I have learned to love avocado.I hated it for years. Hated the texture mostly, but the flavor didn't much do it for me either. I could tolerate avocados once I moved to the west coast, where they are fresh and abundant, but I still didn't really care for them. I don't even like…

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Pass (the charoset) Over (to me!)

Pass (the charoset) Over (to me!) by Kimberly

Pass (the charoset) Over (to me!)We're getting ready for Passover here at our place, holding our first seder in our own house. I'm putting together a secular haggadah since our guests are a mixed bag of Jews and friends-of-Jews (and we are, ourselves, an interfaith couple). I still need to scrub the house clean and clear all the…

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Tofu-Turkey Meatloaf

Tofu-Turkey Meatloaf by Kimberly

Tofu-Turkey MeatloafNo, I don't have a picture of it. Why? Because we dug into it before I could snap a picture, and we devoured it like we always do. I found a recipe on the internet a couple years ago that featured tofu in meatloaf, and jotted down my own adaptation of it in my notebook, so I'm not sure where the original idea came…

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Hot Chocolate!

Hot Chocolate! by Kimberly

Everybody's got a hobby. My dad grows peppers. Not just your nice little bell peppers and jalapenos; he's got some habaneros, but that's not enough. He likes to grow the ultra-hot, record-setting peppers you can't buy at the store - Red Savina, Devil's Tongue, and his pride and joy, the world's hottest pepper, the Bhut Jolokia.He's in…

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Freezer Pies

Freezer Pies by Kimberly

Chicken Pot PieIt's a slow week, this downtime between Christmas and New Year's. A lot of people are off work, and while the bustle of the holidays is mostly over, it's still cold outside. This is a good time to fill up the freezer with quick, easy dinners that can go directly from the freezer to the oven for a home-cooked meal…

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Grape Jelly: A Photo Essay

Grape Jelly: A Photo Essay by Kimberly

As you know, I've been canning like Ma Ingalls this summer. I did a bit last year and I've done a little canning before, but this summer I've been especially busy (considering we're eating it all just as fast as I can can it, which kind of misses the point of canning but whatever). It only started to feel like real old-fashioned…

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So much for autumn.

So much for autumn. by Kimberly

So here it is on the first day of autumn and we're breaking yet another temperature record here in Portland with a high of 97. Sigh.At least that means it's warm sunny weather for all our outdoorsyness today. We had a trillion errands and now I've got to do some gardening this afternoon, and finish painting our chicken coop. (Shyeah.…

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Fast, Cheap and Easy (I Like My Cornbread Like I Like My...)

Fast, Cheap and Easy (I Like My Cornbread Like I Like My...) by Kimberly

Fast, Cheap and Easy (I Like My Cornbread Like I Like My...)...Dinner?I keep hearing insinuations that Keith and I put massive effort into our food all the time, that we eat huge fancy meals every day. I thought I'd set the record straight here! We do…

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