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Blackeyed Peas, Demystified

Blackeyed Peas, Demystified by Kimberly

Blackeyed Peas, DemystifiedThe back page of each issue of Organic Gardening magazine is given to an article by the magazine's editor, Maria Rodale. Her grandfather J. I. Rodale is widely considered to be the founder of the modern organic gardening movement; gardening and produce are still, after publishing, the family business.…

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Sick Day Hot Toddy

Sick Day Hot Toddy by Kimberly

Sick Day Hot ToddyI haven't been sick enough to miss work since coming down with norovirus in 2006. Since easing myself onto a natural, organic diet some years ago, I've not been sick at all, and I have to admit I've taken a smug pride in the fact that I never get sick.Pride goeth before the fall.I write this near 7 pm on a Wednesday,…

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Charcutepalooza: Homemade Bacon

Charcutepalooza: Homemade Bacon by Kimberly

See that there? That is a Big Darn Slab of Pork Belly. In my kitchen.I've previously alluded to my Jewish baggage when it comes to pork, shellfish, and the like. Round one of Charcutepalooza, with its duck prosciutto, was a fun experiment in food preservation without any of the conflict that I knew would be coming eventually. I was…

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Crustless Quiche

Crustless Quiche by Kimberly

Crustless QuicheI cleaned out the fridge the other day and had some leftovers to use up - a bunch of wilting chard, two little strips of salted duck meat that I had to trim off when making prosciutto, heels of cheeses, etc. My first thought was quiche (it usually is), but with health, weight loss, and time concerns, I didn't want to…

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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions by Kimberly

Breakfast of ChampionsKeith and I have both been GO-GO-GO for the last week, since we put off our holiday prep until the last minute, and now we're playing catch-up. One thing we have noticed is a tendency to get pretty tired if we don't eat balanced meals. This sounds like a no-brainer, but when you're baking and sampling and tasting…

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Beefy Pumpkin Stew

Beefy Pumpkin Stew by Kimberly

Beefy Pumpkin StewThis is one of my winter favorites - we both just love it. It's hearty, very filling, warming, and delicious, and so easy! The crockpot does most of the work, and the spices make the whole house smell delicious by dinnertime.BEEFY PUMPKIN STEW* To make this vegan: Use mushrooms instead of beef.Cut the pumpkin in half…

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Turkey-Leek Pie (with vegetarian option)

Turkey-Leek Pie (with vegetarian option) by Kimberly

Turkey-Leek Pie (with vegetarian option)In the winter, I often make this vegetarian leek-artichoke pie with excellent results. Today I was craving it, and I had some leeks, but I didn't have any artichoke hearts. So I dug around in the fridge and improvised, taking the opportunity to use some of the huge gallon bag of turkey I had…

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It's Thyme for Gorgonzola Latkes!

It's Thyme for Gorgonzola Latkes! by Kimberly

It's Thyme for Gorgonzola Latkes!It's starting to feel, not just like December, but like the holiday season. It's the doing nice things for people and getting them back in return, accompanied by good food and wintry weather. Like today, for example.Last night was the last night of Chanukah, so I had a couple of friends over for…

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Quiche: Delicious and Nutritious, and Dairy-Free!

Quiche: Delicious and Nutritious, and Dairy-Free! by Kimberly

Quiche: Delicious and Nutritious, and Dairy-Free!Here's me on the last day of the Naturally Frugal Challenge, squeaking in my big entry at the last minute. But I have a decent excuse, besides the business and travel I've been up to this month! See, the idea of the contest is to come up with an all-natural, in-season entree (no problem…

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Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal

Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal by Kimberly

Spiced Pumpkin OatmealThis is not just a breakfast post; it's also an attempt to win a gorgeous set of holiday bakeware as part of the Naturally Frugal Challenge blog event!After all the indulgence of Thanksgiving weekend, it was time for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. But it was also a lazy Sunday morning. We wanted something…

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