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Vegetable Egg Rolls

Vegetable Egg Rolls by Kimberly

Whew!!! Life has been a bit dizzy since our engagement. Celebrations, restaurants, wedding appointments/expos, endless nights on Pinterest, house hunting - hard to find a moment to breathe! It's been a crazy, stressful roller coaster but the ride will eventually slow down.My favorite part about the wedding planning so far was choosing…

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Risotto Cakes

Risotto Cakes by Kimberly

Risotto cakes are the perfect appetizer for any occasion and can be made into any shape or size that you wish! When I hear the word "risotto" I dread to think about how time consuming it is to make. This recipe by Ina Garten on the other hand, is a super easy way to make risotto. So tasty and so fool proof! I've added shallots and a…

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Blazin' Broccoli Cheese Sauce

Blazin' Broccoli Cheese Sauce by Kimberly

Okay, don't be frightened by the word blazin'.. This sauce is not that spicy but definitely has a kick to it! You can tweak the recipe to your liking of spice.This broccoli cheese sauce is the killer topping to any hot dog. I'm a ketchup kinda gal but in this case, I will admit ketchup had not crossed my mind - not even once! I served…

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Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade Potato Chips by Kimberly

These little chips are a great side dish for any BBQ.Servings: 4Prep time: 40 minutes**Potatoes will sit in bowl of cold water for 30 minutesCook time: 4 minutesIngredients:Directions:1. Slice potatoes thin, about 1/8 inch thickness. (They call me mandolin hands!! haha)2. Place sliced potatoes in a bowl cold water, add a few ice…

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Heart Shaped Cake

Heart Shaped Cake by Kimberly

You most likely have seen this idea on Pinterest.. I decided to try it for myself. My favorite cake mix on earth is Duncan Hines' Butter Golden - I prefer it over Better Crocker!You will need:1 9" square pan1 9" round pan1 box cake mix w/ ingredientsDirections:1.Bake the cake like you normally would - using one square pan and one…

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Pizza Ring

Pizza Ring by Kimberly

Some of you may have seen my taco ring, the recipe is here. This recipe is quite similar, just with a pizza twist to it. I was thinking of different things I can transform the ring into - of course, when I googled pizza ring, it was already experimented with. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for the future though :) Be sure to check…

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Seared Tuna over Couscous

Seared Tuna over Couscous by Kimberly

Couscous can be very flavorful if you put a little effort in. It goes excellent with most seafood. Tonight, I chose tuna because my brother loves it - he was joining for dinner. Below are the recipes for the tuna, couscous and pineapple salsa. Hope you enjoy!Ingredients:Directions:1. Boil water and chicken bouillon packet. In a large…

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Cashew Crusted Chicken

Cashew Crusted Chicken by Kimberly

If you are anything like me, you love cashews! I use them in many stir fry and chicken recipes. I do not like almonds, peanuts (unless they're in the middle of an M&M), or pretty much any other kind of nut - but cashews.... YUM!While watching Rachael Ray, she made nutty chicken cutlets. Rachael used almonds, hazelnuts, orange and…

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Cast Iron Grilled Zucchini

Cast Iron Grilled Zucchini by Kimberly

Do you own a cast iron grill pan? Or any type of grill pan?! These zucchini strips are great to make in the winter days when the BBQ isn't available. A tasty, healthy side dish in only a few minutes.Ingredients:Directions:1. Cut each zucchini in half and then thinly slice into strips (like below, about 1/4" thick). Place zucchini…

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Salad Pizza

Salad Pizza by Kimberly

Salad or pizza? Why not both?!This is an easy recipe that you can change up to your preference. Here is my version -Ingredients:1 pizza doughDirections:1. Preheat oven AND pizza stone at 475 degrees. Stretch dough and place on hot pizza stone. Spread 3 tbs evoo on surface of dough and bake for 6-7 minutes.2. Once pizza dough is semi…

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