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ahh……finally ajvar

ahh……finally ajvar by Kate Selner

ahh……finally ajvarMarch 3, 2010 by Kate SelnerWhat’s that, you say? Ajvar? Is it AHJ-VAR? AGG-VAR? How do you say it?? And what the heck is it?!?It’s delicious, delightful, piquant, sweet and when spread on a toasted pita, a tiny slice of food heaven. The origin is Balkan in nature, and it shares it’s etymology with caviar, although…

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oatmeal pancakes

oatmeal pancakes by Kate Selner

oatmeal pancakesMarch 5, 2010 by Kate SelnerI hope that I never get to a point in my life where I think I’ve seen it all. Especially when it comes to pancakes.If I had to pick a favorite breakfast option, pancakes might be fighting for top billing. While I do really enjoy pan roasted potatoes, especially with onion and pepper and…

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disappearing gingerbread

disappearing gingerbread by Kate Selner

disappearing gingerbreadMarch 12, 2010 by Kate SelnerI can safely say that gingerbread, or anything molasses-flavored, is going to go over well in my house. Some people have their chocolate, their Proustian moment that renders them poetic. Apparently ours is gingerbread. And it turns us into stealthy nibblers.I made a small pan of…

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rutabaga simplicity, with eggs

rutabaga simplicity, with eggs by Kate Selner

rutabaga simplicity, with eggsMarch 17, 2010 by Kate SelnerMy Wednesday evenings are one night of the week where both of my guys are gone, and I have been really treasuring the ‘Alone’ time, pampering myself with candlelight, a glass of wine, classical music and usually some simple meals that are for my mouth only. Do you eat…

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soundtrack days

soundtrack days by Kate Selner

I’ve noticed lately that my days seem to be having their own soundtracks. We’ve become a kind of soundtrack world, what with the abundant use of iTunes, the earbud generation and the incessant need to insert any type of sound into the hours. These are the playlists of our lives, what we exercise to, the music in the background while…

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renewal, and feeding the pain

renewal, and feeding the pain by Kate Selner

Our life can be marked by our losses, which often can be more defining than the days that take our breath away. A loss in life is like running smack into a brick wall, after which you shake off the tweeting birds floating around your head and look around at what’s landed in your path. There is no more going forward as you have been;…

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onward by Kate Selner

For all the angst that entered my life in 2009, the accidents and stress and overall sense of “What the….?” that occurred, this year that I will happily forget has ended on a pretty high note.Let me introduce my newest niece Sara.She made her entrance with one day remaining in 2009, and we have been eagerly awaiting her arrival. She…

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Well, hello there Winter

Well, hello there Winter by Kate Selner

It came on as ferociously as promised and effectively shut down a large portion of the state. What a great metaphor, if you choose to see it that way. The Christmas crazies have taken hold and yet, no matter what your plan, be it a holiday party, a shopping trip, weekly youth group meetings or even dinner out, Mother Nature said ‘Not…

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Cookies, version 2009

Cookies, version 2009 by Kate Selner

Beyond the sugar, flour and butter of a good cookie, beyond the proper pan, the parchment or silpat on top and the tried and true recipes, even beyond the cookie jar on the counter, rubbed and worn from decades of hands reaching for it, cookies have become infused as a part of me from as far back as I can remember. Thanks to my mom,…

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Can a food item be too healthy?

Can a food item be too healthy? by Kate Selner

The FDA is pretty darn good at sounding the alarm over foods that one shouldn’t eat, or maybe not in excess. They’re just as good at recanting that advice after a year or so, more research and maybe some hand deep in their back pocket, but do they ever go the opposite direction? Can a food item be so stuffed with good ingredients, a…

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