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Brioche French Toast With Quick Berry Compote

Brioche French Toast With Quick Berry Compote by Jo Brigdale

Brioche French Toast With Quick Berry CompoteNovember 26, 2016 By Jo Brigdale 7 CommentsHip hip hooray its the weekend! The festive season is fast approaching so before the madness really starts why not have a relaxing breakfast at home this weekend and avoid the shops (or shop on-line!) and enjoy my Brioche French Toast with Quick…

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Fresh From The Oven: No-Knead Bread

Fresh From The Oven: No-Knead Bread by Jo Brigdale

Fresh From The Oven: No-Knead BreadThis month’s Fresh From The Oven challenge was No-Knead Bread and it was set by Claire from Things We Make. I was very nervous about this challenge as I have never actually made a proper loaf of bread before (shameful I know) and I was also concerned about damaging my Le Creuset pot, which I love.…

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Cheese Please!

Cheese Please! by Jo Brigdale

Cheese Please!As I am sure I have already told you before, I love cheese in whatever shape and form it comes. Therefore, I was really happy when Lizzie from Kerry Low Low Cheese sent me a Le Creuset baking dish and money off a purchase of Kerry Low Low Cheese to try it out. This was absolutely ages ago and I must apologise to Lizzie…

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Valentine’s Cupcakes

Valentine’s Cupcakes by Jo Brigdale

Valentine’s CupcakesHappy Valentine’s Day Everyone. I hope that the day has treated you kindly and you are or are going to be wined and dined by your loved one. Stuart and I had our Valentine’s meal on Friday night at Wong’s in Birmingham, our favourite Chinese restaurant. Today we are just taking it easy and I am making a curry for…

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Plenty of Plums

Plenty of Plums by Jo Brigdale

Plenty of PlumsLast weekend I was very fortunate to be given a great big load of plums from Trish, one of my work colleagues. I love plums but there were so many and they were all really ripe. I knew that I had to cook with them otherwise they would go past their best very soon. I decided to make a plum cake, instead of making my…

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Guest Post from Nora: Spanish bean stew

Guest Post from Nora: Spanish bean stew by Jo Brigdale

Hello Jo fans, I’m Nora from Nora the Kitchen ‘Splorer. After Jo very kindly did a post for me, I’m returning the favour. This is my very first guest post, so I’m just hoping I can keep up with Jo’s high standards.So, for this post I decided to revisit an old favourite. A few years ago, I lived in Spain, working as a English teacher,…

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Fresh from the Oven: Chocolate Buns

Fresh from the Oven: Chocolate Buns by Jo Brigdale

Fresh from the Oven: Chocolate BunsThis my first Fresh from the oven challenge and it forms one of my new years resolutions that I posted earlier this month to bake more often and more adventurously. This month’s challenge was chosen by Chele of Chocolate Teapot and she decided that we should make Chocolate Buns from Richard…

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Easy Comfort Food

Easy Comfort Food by Jo Brigdale

Good afternoon everyone. Sorry for the delay in between posts, I was away with work last week in Edinburgh and was away again this weekend in Chester with Stuart. Posts about both will follow shortly. Today, I would like to discuss a couple of my favourite comfort food dishes with you. The first is my version of Cottage Pie and the…

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An Interesting Week!

An Interesting Week! by Jo Brigdale

First, of all I would like to apologise for the tardiness of my blog post. I said on my last post that I would be back last weekend, not this weekend. This post is going to be a bit unusual as I need to tie up a few loose ends so that my normal blogging schedule can resume. To begin, I would like to tell you about my crazy week this…

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Farewell to Floyd

Farewell to Floyd by Jo Brigdale

Farewell to FloydSome of you may have noticed that when the great culinary legend, Keith Floyd passed on a few weeks ago, that I made no mention of it on this blog. The reason I did not at the time is because I had spotted this bloggers competition on the UK Food Bloggers Association to cook one of Floyd’s dishes, an adapted version…

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