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There's no place like...Cream of Wheat

There's no place like...Cream of Wheat by The Savage Palate

There are a few creature comforts I always find myself looking forward to when I make the trip to Mom and Dad's house - good water pressure in the showers, Dad's tee-shirts, and a faithful old box of Cream of Wheat in the pantry. I have never bought myself a box and I don't know why. And yet, every morning at home, I find myself…

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New Veggies

New Veggies by The Savage Palate

This fall I've added some adventure to my regular culinary lineup by trying some new vegetables.Eggplant looks like a creature that would bound happily behind the Hamburglar in a McDonald's commercial. I harbor bad memories of choking down large slices of eggplant parmesan, hockey pucks with a cheesy toupee.I avoided my eggplant, all…

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Top 16 Foods and Foodie Things of 2010

Top 16 Foods and Foodie Things of 2010 by The Savage Palate

You are what you eat! So here are 16 things that made my year.16. Apple ChipsA great (and sweet) alternative to a potato chip or a granola bar.15. Sugar Snap PeasLike to munch snacks on the road? Put a bag of these in your passenger seat. Thirty-five calories for 2/3 cup and some serious Vitamin C too.14. Brussels SproutsThis emerald…

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Variations on a Ciabatta

Variations on a Ciabatta by The Savage Palate

What a gift! January 9, 2011--Atlanta gets dumped on. There were at least 5 inches of snow on my car. I got the calling post from school on Sunday evening. Snow day Monday! I scuttled out to my porch to take in the wintry scene. My rosemary plant was giving me that look. Can we bake tomorrow?Of course; what better to do with a day…

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Home is where the Herb is

Home is where the Herb is by The Savage Palate

Home is where the Herb isOk everybody, squish together for a photo.These herbs live on my back porch. I have never grown lavender, tarragon or sage, but I've had great experience with rosemary, which is a hardy plant that lasts through the winter.Having fresh herbs on hand enables you to add depth to any dish.Basil recently made a…

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All-Natural Instant Oatmeal Packets

All-Natural Instant Oatmeal Packets by The Savage Palate

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A Quick Breakfast Option

A Quick Breakfast Option by The Savage Palate

A Quick Breakfast OptionI am not a morning person. Nor am I a "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" type. As a scrappy sleeper, I need quick and healthy breakfast options. The other day I encountered my old friend dried oatmeal packets, but found the one I was eating had a litany of suspicious ingredients. I decided to try…

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Wild Yeast

Wild Yeast by The Savage Palate

I will never forget baking bread with my friend Betsy for the first time. In the first crucial step of the bread recipe, we added a packet of yeast to a bowl of warm water. When the yeast began to bubble, she shrieked, "That is so cool!"Even cooking enthusiasts view the bread making process as arduous and obtuse. However, leavened…

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Mortar and Pestle: For an Adventurous Cook and a Strong Arm

Mortar and Pestle: For an Adventurous Cook and a Strong Arm by The Savage Palate

When I was in second grade, I was having a hard time sharpening my pencil in Ms. Frye's obstinate manual sharpener. Ms. Frye laughed at me. "You need to give it a little oomph!""Oomph?"Ms. Frye laughed again, finished sharpening my pencil, and explained that "oomph" is slang for some serious muscle power.A mortar and pestle is a…

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All-Natural Snack Bars

All-Natural Snack Bars by The Savage Palate

All-Natural Snack BarsMunching on granola bars has practically replaced baseball as America's favorite pastime. Ok, not quite. But they are a popular snack. Many people reach for a bar (or two) in the morning, or during the mid-afternoon crash. I kept a box of Fiber One bars in my desk at school for several years.Today I don't…

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