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Mussel and Serrano Ham Salad

Mussel and Serrano Ham Salad by Iain Macdonald

PagesMussel and Serrano Ham SaladMussels...arguably the king of shellfish. Its often very difficult to walk by the fish shop in Orce village, especially on Fridays, owner Antonio has a long marble topped bench crammed full with all manner of seafood delights. At the far end though is a spot reserved for mussels where he piles kilos of…

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Bonito Bonito...

Bonito Bonito... by Iain Macdonald

PagesBonito Bonito...“Para su pagina web!” was the cry from Antonio holding up a full cured tuna fish one Friday morning in his pescaderia. Antonio is also a glazier so one of those surprising situations you have to get used to when customers come into the fish shop and order a pane of glass for their new window…Antonio is passionate…

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Devilled Mushroom Tostada

Devilled Mushroom Tostada by Iain Macdonald

PagesDevilled Mushroom TostadaThe tostada is one of Spain’s most famous breakfasts. Usually served very simply with rubbed garlic, tomato frito, olive oil and salt morning workers can be seen in almost every bar enjoying this Spanish style breakfast with a short beer or “tubo” (named so due the tall slim glass).I remember our first…

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Winter Cazuela Pies

Winter Cazuela Pies by Iain Macdonald

PagesWinter Cazuela PiesSpanish winter recipes...Mmmm cazuela pies. This February has seen the second significant covering of snow over Orce village and outlying hamlets. When it comes it comes!,even in an old Andalucian cave house with 2 meter thick walls it gets cold so a good winter warming recipe is called for.Cazuela pies will…

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Skate Wings in Parsely Butter

Skate Wings in Parsely Butter by Iain Macdonald

PagesSkate Wings in Parsely ButterIf you had asked me about skate wings 6 years ago before we moved to Spain it would be fair to say that I would have been delving into the nearest recipe book to find out what to do with them.Now though is a slightly different story, Skate is available every Tuesday and Friday from the Orce fish shop…

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Mussel, Prawn and Calamari Paella

Mussel, Prawn and Calamari Paella by Iain Macdonald

PagesMussel, Prawn and Calamari PaellaVariation of Spanish paella, the great thing about Spanish paella is that the dish is so versatile. Originally from Valencia the traditional Valencian paella has influenced every one of today’s modern twists on what is now an International dish. There are many variations of Spanish paella; a…

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Too many oranges!

Too many oranges! by Iain Macdonald

PagesToo many oranges!One of the best things about having neighbours with a holiday home next door is that you get all the left over goodies just before they leave. This happens quite regularly especially during the month of August and other fiesta times such as Semana Santa.This year our neighbours Monste and Maribel left for…

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Mackerel in Olive Escabeche

Mackerel in Olive Escabeche by Iain Macdonald

PagesMackerel in Olive EscabecheThis Spanish mackerel recipe is delicious as a light summer lunch and it can also be served up as a flavoursome “racione” (big tapa). The fresh mackerel goes well with a light sauce and the Andalucian pitted olives add that real twist of Spanish flavour for this easy to make seafood recipe.You will…

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Spanish Churros

Spanish Churros by Iain Macdonald

PagesSpanish ChurrosWalking around the local market in Orce village on a wintry Tuesday morning you can on occasion catch the faint smell of churros, torrefacto coffee and taza chocolate. Particularly welcoming aromas in the winter as you know that something hot to drink or eat is only a few moments away should you choose.Orce market…

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New Year Tapas/12 Grapes

New Year Tapas/12 Grapes by Iain Macdonald

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