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Pumpkin Gnocchi with rosemary and cobnuts

Pumpkin Gnocchi with rosemary and cobnuts by Hazel Sheard

So it's autumn, and the markets are bulging. There have been comments in the media repeatedly recently about how the awful summer has made for bad harvests and so on, and I'm sure that's right - I saw it in the fields in Cornwall in the summer - but it hasn't shown up at our farmers' market yet. Even so, I'm doing a bit of trying to…

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Cinnamon whey bread buns.

Cinnamon whey bread buns. by Hazel Sheard

There are days when you never finish anything. There are days when you barely start anything without getting distracted. There are days when you find you forgot to do one important thing and have given your time to fifteen pointless ones. There are days when it gets to five pm and you realise with horror that you have achieved…

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Pistachio petit-four cake.

Pistachio petit-four cake. by Hazel Sheard

I have had a fascination with this cake for some considerable number of months. I've been wanting to make it and wanting to make it and wanting to make for AGES. I very much love Deb's Smitten Kitchen blog - so much so that I pre-ordered her cookbook the day it came out and I'm waiting with bated breath for it to show up. In the…

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Guacamole. by Hazel Sheard

So normally making guacamole is very simple for me: I put an avocado into one of Tom's hands and a knife in the other, and say something like; 'We're having chill for dinner!' and guacamole happens. I genuinely didn't know how, until, deserted, I had to figure out how to make it for myself.Here are most of the ingredients.…

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Success! (with pitta)

Success! (with pitta) by Hazel Sheard

Success! (with pitta)I had a marvellous weekend. Stuff went well. I cleaned, to start with. Sometimes that's a mood that takes me. The weather was beautiful. A friend came around for dinner. We went to Ikea, and even that was fun. I managed to scrounge a lift to the supermarket and didn't have to do my shopping online. I…

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What To Do With Monster.

What To Do With Monster. by Hazel Sheard

What To Do With Monster.I went on holiday for a month. It was hot and sunny in the south of France, and damp and English in London. My garden has become a jungle, and everything is a size bigger than it should be.There are mushrooms three inches across under the birch trees and clearly the homes of gnomes, a bright yellow pumpkin as…

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Experimental Cheesemaking.

Experimental Cheesemaking. by Hazel Sheard

Experimental Cheesemaking.On Thursday, Joy invited me to make cheese. This is something I've often thought about but never actually done. I'm not entirely sure why - fresh cheeses turn out to be astoundingly simple to make. I don't think I'll ever buy ricotta again, though mozzarella will take some practice.Goodness me but it was…

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Melon Seed Horchata

Melon Seed Horchata by Hazel Sheard

I have been tidying my house today. It's been a bit of a mammoth undertaking. The bathrooms still need scrubbing and the kitchen floor needs doing and there's laundry all over the living room, but it's better than it was. I don't feel like I'm living in such a pit. Of course, there are still some exploding sacks of clothes…

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Mussels and Scones: a Cornish spring

Mussels and Scones: a Cornish spring by Hazel Sheard

Mussels and Scones: a Cornish I got distracted. Sometime I might tell you about him. I have actually been writing a blog post, but it's very long, currently imageless, and about my confusion over Ireland and Irish history. I'll finish it at some point and post it for everyone to skip. In the mean time, spring leapt up…

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Cooking for the jet-lagged.

Cooking for the jet-lagged. by Hazel Sheard

I actually thought really hard about this. You kind of have to, if people are going to do you the honour of travelling 4,349 miles (7,000 km, 7,654,240 yards, 275,552,640 inches, 699,903,706 cm) to stay with you. What would I want to eat when I'd been on a plane for all that time? Nothing complicated. Nothing unfamiliar.…

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