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Pasta e Fagioli My Way

Pasta e Fagioli My Way by Frank Fariello

CES member cigno61 offers her personal version of the classic pasta e fagioli, pasta and beans soup that can be served very thick, almost a stew, or thinned out to a soupy consistency. Her version has a few personal touches, including a bit of anchovy. She says about this recipe: "Guys: last night I really outdid myself! I made…

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Crisp pastry filled with pumpkin, eggplant, swordfish and mint

Crisp pastry filled with pumpkin, eggplant, swordfish and mint by Frank Fariello

Folks, Here's a wonderful example of creative Italian cooking from Chef Luigi Ferraro from Calabria. His profile can be found at

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Peppers stuffed with tuna and capers

Peppers stuffed with tuna and capers by Frank Fariello

Here's a southern Italian deli favorite that you can easily make at home. In this recipe, CES chef Cosimina Anelo, from the region of Calabria, shows you how! Note: The only real trick to this easy dish is finding the right kind of small, round 'cherry' peppers. If you can't find them in your local market, try experimenting with…

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Fegato alla venexiana (Venetian-Style Liver)

Fegato alla venexiana (Venetian-Style Liver) by Frank Fariello

Fellow CES chef Roxchef hails from Venice. In this post, she gives us the recipe for this classic Venetian dish, together with a wonderful primer on the cuisine of her native city: Fegato alla veneziana, or Venetian-style Liver, is one of the best known and appreciated Venetian specialties in the world. The origins of this dish,…

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Tagliatelle with Asparagus

Tagliatelle with Asparagus by Frank Fariello

Chef Alessandro from Bolzano brings us this elegantly simple pasta dish, which can serve as s first course or even a second course if you like. You can visit Chef Alessandro's profile at

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