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Sweet n Sour Cucumber (A Microwave Recipe)

Sweet n Sour Cucumber (A Microwave Recipe) by Christy Gerald

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Masala Bread

Masala Bread by Christy Gerald

Try this yumm and mild-spiced Bread Masala which is best taken with raita or alone as an Evening light Meal/Dinner/ Breakfast. It can be packed for Lunch for kids of all ages.This needs 12 mins Cooking time to serve 3 nos. U can add grated carrot,finely chopped Palak,roasted capsicum slices or oil-roasted potato fries/chops in Step 5…

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Egg Cups for Easter & Egg Pie

Egg Cups for Easter & Egg Pie by Christy Gerald

I shifted my residence to PalayamKottai,Tirunelveli from Chennai this week and feel happy to settle near my Native place this Festive time - since my H wanted me here to luk after our house . This has kept me out of blogging for nearly a week and happy to C U all back again this Easter Sunday. Wishing U all a Happy and Blessed…

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Baby Potatoes with Peanuts(Microwave Recipe)

Baby Potatoes with Peanuts(Microwave Recipe) by Christy Gerald

This simple and yumm Baby Potato stir-fry needs 15 mins M/W cooking time and this serves 3-4 nos.This stir-fry is done with delicately balanced spices and it combines the aroma of ginger garlic,cumin andasafoetida nicely to make this dish simply flavorful. U can try this dish with Potato,Brinjal,Boiled Egg slices,Arvi, Yam,…

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Stuffed Malai Kofta Gravy(Restaurant Style)

Stuffed Malai Kofta Gravy(Restaurant Style) by Christy Gerald

This Gravy uses dairy products like cream or malai or mawa or milk and cheese. U can try Kofta using grated cheese or mawa or grated paneer. This mild-spiced Gravy is rich and creamy.U can do it semi-dry or Gravy type.Koftas can be stuffed with cashews and kismis to make it even richer. U can try Meatballs with this Gravy for an…

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Egg 65 (Shallow-fried & M/W)

Egg 65 (Shallow-fried & M/W) by Christy Gerald

Lastweek I posted few Veggie 65 recipes and Chicken 65 recipe. In continuation of that I publish this Egg 65 which can also be done like Chicken 65,a popular sidedish or starter in South India. U will be seeing this done shallow-fried or using M/W in this recipe. Try this recipe at home and Enjoy Ur Meal!. BonAppetit!.1.Egg 65 -…

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Custard with Mixed Fruits,DryFruits & Vegs

Custard with Mixed Fruits,DryFruits & Vegs by Christy Gerald

This post brings U three basic Free Flow Custard Desserts done with Mixed Fruits,Mixed Dry Fruits and grated Veg. We all know that thus prepared Custard can be served with Icecream, Jelly, Jams, Chocolate Flakes n nuts or Choco chips or Choco Syrup or honey etc... U can caramelize fruits like apple and banana and serve it with this…

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Ladiesfingers Stirfry (A Microwave Recipe)

Ladiesfingers Stirfry (A Microwave Recipe) by Christy Gerald

Try this simple and tasty Okra Stir-Fry which needs 7 mins M/W cooking time to serve 3-4 nos on a hectic Day. U can grind this Spicy Masala either adding Cashewnuts or with Peanuts and try this Stir-fry. U can use this masala to try similar stir-fry with Brinjal,Mushroom,Capsicum, Frenchbeans,baby potato,chopped spinch etc.... Try…

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Cilantro Coolant

Cilantro Coolant by Christy Gerald

This refreshing combo Coolant of Cilantro and Soda helps U perfectly beat the heat and resists hot Summer at home. This Mocktail can keep U cool with its chilling freshness. Best for a hot Summer Day and easy to try at home. U can try this recipe with mint or Green Apple or Pineapple or Watermelon instead of cilantro but add 100 ml…

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Ladiesfinger Peanut Butter Stew

Ladiesfinger Peanut Butter Stew by Christy Gerald

This easy-made Stew is best done with mushroom,capsicum, baby potato, caulilower florets or Egg plant but I tried it with Ladiesfingers-a second choice and yet this turned out yumm. This aromatically thick gravy will keep u going with its lingering taste and flavor the rest of the day. Try it at home to believe it. U can also use 1…

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