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Kale and Bacon Baked Risotto

Kale and Bacon Baked Risotto by Cheryl D Lee

Kale and Bacon Baked RisottoOctober 21, 2016CherylDLee 4 CommentsI really enjoy risotto. But I do not make it because I just do not have the time and patience needed to stand and stir for 45 minutes while the arborio rice absorbs the stock. Nope, not this gal.But luckily, you can make a baked risotto that tastes really, really good. I…

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Butter & Scotch Hot Toddy Caramel Corn

Butter & Scotch Hot Toddy Caramel Corn by Cheryl D Lee

Butter & Scotch Hot Toddy Caramel CornOctober 9, 2016CherylDLee Leave a CommentThis is a sponsored post from Abrams Books and the Abrams Dinner Party.Last week I did a very informal poll in a video I made for Instagram about this great new cookbook called Butter & Scotch, named for the actual Brooklyn bar and bakery. I asked my…

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Spiced Chestnut Soup

Spiced Chestnut Soup by Cheryl D Lee

Spiced Chestnut SoupSeptember 30, 2016CherylDLee 1 CommentFall is here and certain flavors are starting to be used in everything from coffee to dish soap. Yes, I am speaking about the omnipresent Pumpkin Spice. It is everywhere.But it is not here. Nope. Not happening on this blog.But I know Fall is about so many other flavors.Like…

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Hatch Chile Meatball Soup

Hatch Chile Meatball Soup by Cheryl D Lee

Hatch Chile Meatball SoupSeptember 16, 2016CherylDLee Leave a CommentMy last post was a recipe for a Hatch chile infused chicken stock, which was made specifically for this soup. Fresh Hatch chiles were used to flavor the stock with a slightly spicy and herbal note, and the meatballs use Hatch chile powder for another layer of…

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Hatch Chile Chicken Stock

Hatch Chile Chicken Stock by Cheryl D Lee

Sadly, another Hatch Chile season is almost at a close. Hopefully you got your case of Hatch chiles, and had them roasted for you at one of the Melissa’s Produce Hatch Chile Roasting events near you. There are still a couple of events coming up, in case you missed one. This recipe for Hatch Chile Chicken Stock actually calls for fresh…

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Summer Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Tangerine Hatch Chile Vinaigrette

Summer Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Tangerine Hatch Chile Vinaigrette by Cheryl D Lee

Summer Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad with Tangerine Hatch Chile VinaigretteJuly 24, 2016CherylDLee 2 CommentsThis has got to be one of my favorite times of the year. Why? Its certainly not because of the triple digit heat or the annual brush fires…

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Brown Sugar-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Brown Sugar-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt by Cheryl D Lee

Brown Sugar-Vanilla Frozen YogurtJune 20, 2016CherylDLee Leave a CommentBrown Sugar-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt is actually the ingredient list. Brown sugar + vanilla + yogurt = creamy and tangy goodness.As I am writing this the temperature outside is nearing 110°, and my entire duct system, furnace and air conditioner are being replaced.…

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Olive Oil Cake with Pine Nuts and Currants

Olive Oil Cake with Pine Nuts and Currants by Cheryl D Lee

Olive Oil Cake with Pine Nuts and CurrantsJune 10, 2016CherylDLee 5 CommentsI’ve been teaching cooking classes at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, and recently we did a series on Italian regional cooking. One of the recipes that made an impression on me was a Tuscan Pine Nut Cake. Very moist and flavorful, this was the kind of cake…

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Spicy Turkey Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Spicy Turkey Stuffed Poblano Peppers by Cheryl D Lee

Spicy Turkey Stuffed Poblano PeppersMay 22, 2016CherylDLee 7 CommentsTurkeys and I are good friends. Well, friends in the sense that I love to eat them up. So maybe frenemies is the better term, but either way I love is obvious I am a fan of the All American bird. Did you know Benjamin Franklin proposed the turkey as the…

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Cilantro Pesto Sauce

Cilantro Pesto Sauce by Cheryl D Lee

Cilantro Pesto SauceMay 4, 2016CherylDLee Leave a CommentBasil does not have a lock on pesto. Pesto can be made with any number of herbs, nuts and green vegetables. In this case, cilantro and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) take the lead in this Cilantro Pesto Sauce.While the flavor profile of this pesto is very different than basil pesto, it…

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