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16th Century Pizza

16th Century Pizza by Charles Kellogg

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Smoked Gouda with Bacon and Chicken Mac and Cheese

Smoked Gouda with Bacon and Chicken Mac and Cheese by Charles Kellogg

I've not always been the biggest fan of baked macaroni and cheese. Many times, the cheese flavor is just utterly underwhelming. I think two things contribute to this. First, is using a cheese that doesn't bring much flavor to the party, like mild cheddar or American. Second, not using enough cheese in the sauce.I prefer to use a…

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Porter Marshmallows with Dark Chocolate and Smoked Serrano Salt

Porter Marshmallows with Dark Chocolate and Smoked Serrano Salt by Charles Kellogg

We recently catered a wedding Since the groom was a home brewer, I thought it would be nice to reference that in the food. So, for one of the sweets, I came up with a recipe for porter marshmallows. I thought they would be be enhanced with dark…

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Lemon Marmalade

Lemon Marmalade by Charles Kellogg

A friend has a lemon tree that is currently covered in lemons. She let me have as many as I want, as long as she gets some of the results.So today I made lemon marmalade. It is a sweet - tart treat. I especially like it on thyme scones with a little Devonshire cream. It is a fairly easy recipe, though labor intensive.I use a vegetable…

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New Orleans Inspired Dinner

New Orleans Inspired Dinner by Charles Kellogg

Back in August, the spouse and I got a chance to take a mini-vacation in New Orleans. We ate some amazing food at some fantastic restaurants. A frequent customer asked me to make a meal inspired by our trip.The menu I ended up doing was an appetizer of a savory asparagus cheesecake with jalapeño aioli, a shrimp bisque with a whole…

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Renaissance Marmalade redux

Renaissance Marmalade redux by Charles Kellogg

So last year, about this time, I tried redacting a recipe for marmalade from a early 17th century cookbook, the 1609 edition of Hugh Plat's Delights for Ladies. While inspired by the original, I altered it a lot to resemble a modern marmalade more.This year, I decided to try to follow the recipe more closely.Modernly, a marmalade…

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Grandma's Sugar Cookies

Grandma's Sugar Cookies by Charles Kellogg

Christmas is, for me, probably above all other things, a time of comfort food.My father abandoned my mother and me when I was seven, leaving us a mountain of debt and not much else. Doing what was necessary to survive, my mother became a real estate agent. The hours were long and uncertain, and there definitely were no vacations.…

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A Trio of Persimmon Preserves

A Trio of Persimmon Preserves by Charles Kellogg

A friend with a very productive persimmon tree gifted me with two full grocery sacks of fruit. I'm always looking to make preserves for my tea business. It is nice to be able to offer a range of possibilities to prospective customers.I ended up making three different preserves from them, so far. In the upper left is a straight…

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Renaissance Marmalade

Renaissance Marmalade by Charles Kellogg

As most of you know, I belong to a group that does medieval/renaissance re-creation. One of the rituals common in it is the passing of gifts between landed nobles. It can be particularly difficult for the King and Queen, as they may need to give gifts to a large number of people over the course of a reign.So, a call was made for…

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Cake Decorating Class: S'mores Cupcakes

Cake Decorating Class: S'mores Cupcakes by Charles Kellogg

We had our first lab for our cake decorating class. The first half of the semester will be more focused on baking and construction, and the second half more on decoration.We started off with something fairly easy. We started a cheesecake, which we will finish in the next class session. We also did S'mores cupcakes, that while fairly…

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