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Pinteresting - Buffalo Chicken Chili

Pinteresting - Buffalo Chicken Chili by Beth Anne Leach

Pinteresting - Buffalo Chicken ChiliI've been away..... for a very long time. I keep telling myself that I will be back. That I will start posting recipes again instead of just throwing pictures out on Facebook. I promise the friends that implore me to start posting again that I absolutely will.I am such a fraud.I intend to, really I…

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Kahlua and Cream Can Kiss My Grits....

Kahlua and Cream Can Kiss My Grits.... by Beth Anne Leach

Ok, I originally found the idea for this cocktail somewhere on Pinterest, but when I went back to find it, I got pin-blocked. Has that ever happened to you? You see a pin that looks absolutely amazing but when you try to delve deeper, the pin has been blocked due to spam or porn or...whatever?Yeah well, I'm not so easily…

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Good Things!

Good Things! by Beth Anne Leach

I am a “saver”. I try to keep it undercontrol so that I don’t turn into a “hoarder”, but I am always trying to findways to repurpose items rather than throwing them away (not to mention savingmyself money).One way I “save” is by re-using foodcontainers from the store. The 32 ounce cottage cheese containers are theperfect size for…

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Jam Exchange 2012!

Jam Exchange 2012! by Beth Anne Leach

Jam Exchange 2012!This summer has definitely been one for the record books. Extreme heat, drought, and a very poor growing season all combined to make this summer.....not very fun for canning.For the past few years, I have been participating in Steph Chow's Jam Exchange, and it is SO. MUCH. FUN. What a good excuse to gather produce…

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Vegan Challenge - Sweet Potato Oatmeal Breakfast Casserole

Vegan Challenge - Sweet Potato Oatmeal Breakfast Casserole by Beth Anne Leach

You might say I am venturing intounfamiliar territory. You could say I am getting out of my comfort zone. Itwould be reasonable to say I am eating outside the box.I am going Vegan.Okay, okay, stop laughing. Allow me toclarify. I am taking on a vegan challenge with a group of friends at work forone week. This is a part of a program…

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SOUP! for Food 'n Flix Roundup

SOUP! for Food 'n Flix Roundup by Beth Anne Leach

Ahhhh Ratatouille. Such a fine foodie film in an unexpected wrapper. Of course, it’s a fun movie to watch, but why did I choose Ratatouille for this month’s Food ‘n Flix selection? My son.No, Little Man did not say “Mommy, Mommy, you HAVE to pick Ratatouille!!” jumping up and down and threatening to hold his breath if I didn’t see…

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Not-Even-Remotely-Authentic Pastitsio

Not-Even-Remotely-Authentic Pastitsio by Beth Anne Leach

Sometimes you just really need a casserole. Something warm, hearty, and comforting. Something with MEAT in it. And carbs. Lots of carbs. But then you have the guilt. You know the guilt I’m talking about. Is there anything GREEN in that casserole dish?Well, in this one, there is! I was craving exactly such a dish this weekend when it…

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We Be Jammin’!

We Be Jammin’! by Beth Anne Leach

A year ago, I was lucky enough to run across a lovely blog hosted by an even lovelier blogger, Steph Chows. It all started with two words.Jam Exchange.She had me from “hello”.I’d never been involved in a bloggy exchange before but the idea intrigued me, and so it began. It was very simple, really. Send two jars of jam to the person…

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Caprese, Caprese, Caprese....

Caprese, Caprese, Caprese.... by Beth Anne Leach

Recently, I was curled up on my sofa, flipping through the pages of my new FoodNetwork magazine, when something gave me pause. I sat there, staring at the picture on the page, in a trance.The recipe immediately went to the top of the “things to make the next time Ginny visits” list.Can’t imagine something so dramatic that it would…

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Chicken Canzanese

Chicken Canzanese by Beth Anne Leach

In case you’ve never noticed, Ginny and I (though residing many miles apart) often share recipes we find. Sometimes one of us makes the dish and passes the recipe on to the other. Other times we hoard several recipes we both want to try and make them all during one of our semi-regular visits.On this occasion, I had a package of…

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