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Flaky Dessert

Flaky Dessert by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

I think spring is finally upon us. I am sure we will still see the occasional spring snowfall, but the worst is behind us. I am looking forward to getting the gardens going, get walking and enjoying the sunshine, and BBQ'ing...lots of it!I had a great time last weekend at the scrapbooking weekend. I got 12 pages mostly finished. They…

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Go Canada Go!

Go Canada Go! by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

I don't know of many Canadians who aren't watching the gold medal game today. There is 3 minutes left in the 3rd period as I write. My friend Heddy was out and about town this afternoon and apparently it is a ghost town out there. Everyone is hunkered down to see who will come out on top.Before the game started, I made some cookies.…

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Friday Night Chili

Friday Night Chili by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

I am so glad it's Friday. I get to sleep in tomorrow. I love the Olympics, but, I am ready to get back to regular TV. But not before Canada captures the gold in Men's Hockey!How about Women's Team Canada, eh?? How empowering for all woman, especially Canadian women and girls who play competitive hockey! I don't feel it's about who…

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

I received a special delivery on Friday!Aren't they purdy?? I have the best husband ever!I was planning on being Wonder Woman in the kitchen today, but I woke up this morning with a killer headache. I maxed out on my ibuprofen intake for the day, and it only numbed the pain for a few hours. Long enough for me to whip up a cake.I…

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Nanny Ruth's Hamburger Soup

Nanny Ruth's Hamburger Soup by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

There is a cafe not far from my house that serves hamburger soup every Monday at lunch. I often stop in to enjoy some. My love for hamburger soup began in high school, at the high school cafeteria believe it or not. Those lunch ladies made a mean pot of hamburger soup!When I graduated high school, my grandmother gave me a hope chest…

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Salsa, baby!

Salsa, baby! by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

Thought I should make some munchies in case I decide to stay home tonight. UFC is tonight, and I am undecided if I should stay home or head to Boston Pizza. So just in case, I made Pioneer Woman's Restaurant Style Salsa. Ooohhh, is it ever good! I am not a big fan of chunky salsa, so this works just perfect for me. Good for those who…

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Mmm Mmm Good!

Mmm Mmm Good! by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

Last weekend and again tonight, I made Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta. Move over East Side Mario, there's a new girl in town! I love ESM's Pasta Amatriciana or however you say/spell it, you know what I mean. I don't usually try pasta at home as I find it most times bland. This pasta kicks it up three or four notches. It is…

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Going Greek

Going Greek by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

Going GreekI discovered at an Epicure party that I absolutely am in love with feta cheese. I always thought it was just plain stinky. I buy the dry pack feta or the flavored fetas and they don't smell at all!I am heading out to a potluck at Christin's tonight so I whipped up a new recipe I found on TK for Greek Pasta Salad. It has to…

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Potato Soup for the Soul

Potato Soup for the Soul by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

Happy New Year!!Last night I decided to try something I enjoy in restaurants but never make at home.Baked Potato Soup!It turned out great! I halved Calamity Anne's recipe, but didn't halve the bacon. Can never have too much bacon in potato soup! It is very hearty, very filling soup. So don't grab your largest soup bowl and fill it…

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Foodie Friends

Foodie Friends by Amanda @ Maritime Cowgirl

The best source of good recipes are your foodie friends (and Tasty Kitchen). Gola has passed along a few of my favorite holiday standbys. The haystack recipe I posted earlier and the ham and cheese cheeseball were both given to my by Gola.I met Gola my first year in Alberta. We have been great friends since. We have spent Christmas…

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