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Fresh Raspberry Pie

Fresh Raspberry Pie by Alyssa Short

I've never been a huge fan of raspberries, but last summer, I was asked to taste-test some of the winning entries at our local 4-H Achievement Days. (Yeah, twist my arm.) My photographer/brother kept raving about this pie, which I was reluctant to try because it looked so ... raspberryish. But I finally relented.And the pie was beyond…

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Slow-cooked Turkey Breast with Gravy

Slow-cooked Turkey Breast with Gravy by Alyssa Short

When it comes to holiday cooking -- or entertaining in general -- I typically find the logistical side of things much more daunting than the actual cooking. Figuring out when to make everything so it's all done at the same time is challenging, but finding space to cook it all can be almost impossible.This fall, I tested various…

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Snickerdoodle Bread

Snickerdoodle Bread by Alyssa Short

Snickerdoodle cookies are such a holiday favorite of mine that I can't bear to save them just for the holidays, so I was pretty excited to stumble upon this recipe for snickerdoodle bread. The recipe was a cinch and made the house smell heavenly.I made four mini loaves and two extra-mini loaves with this recipe, and actually only…

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Roasted Autumn Vegetables

Roasted Autumn Vegetables by Alyssa Short

Roasted Autumn VegetablesI'm back! Or at least, I hope to be. The short delay I'd intended with my blogging turned into more of an indefinite leave of absence as the hubby and I have been adjusting to our new schedules. As I mentioned many, many moons ago, we bought our local newspaper and now find ourselves working nearly four…

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Teriyaki Chicken with Noodles

Teriyaki Chicken with Noodles by Alyssa Short

When the hubby and I moved to my small hometown, we knew there would be a few trade-offs. At the top of the list are the hubby’s sisters, whom we don’t see as often as we’d like.A distant second is running errands when the stores aren’t busy. It’s more difficult now to shop at 9:30 on a Wednesday night so I can actually look at the…

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Candy Bar Sundaes

Candy Bar Sundaes by Alyssa Short

While baseball season makes some people long for hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks, I crave ice cream. When we were growing up, my family visiting Dairy Queen on every summer shopping trip, just so that we could order sundaes in little plastic baseball caps. My sister and I had a complete collection, but of course, our prized hats…

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Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies by Alyssa Short

Ham is a staple at any and all of our family's gatherings for Easter. I have 101 uses for leftover ham, but Easter candy is trickier. I could just hang onto it, especially if I clear out the leftover Halloween candy. Or I could put it to good use so that I’m not still sprinkling cupcakes and ice cream with pastel-colored eggs come…

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Pasta e Fagiole Soup

Pasta e Fagiole Soup by Alyssa Short

My little man’s favorite food is soup (except when it’s cupcakes), and we typically make at least one pot of soup each week. Soups with pasta and beans are tops in his book, and we created this light and flavorful soup a few weeks ago.The soup gets a lot of flavor from a lot of sautéing, as you’ll notice in the steps. Add ingredient,…

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Low-Fat Lemon Pound Cake

Low-Fat Lemon Pound Cake by Alyssa Short

Low-Fat Lemon Pound CakeMy apologies for the lapse in posts these days. To say there's a lot going on would be an understatement. And when I'm stressed, I take comfort in food. Especially sweet food.But hey, at least this one is lower in fat!This is a Cook's Country recipe that hits just the right citrusy note without being too…

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Hibachi Chicken and Steak

Hibachi Chicken and Steak by Alyssa Short

Hibachi Chicken and SteakThe hubby and I love eating at Japanese restaurants, and while the hubby always starts off with some spicy sushi, I save my appetite for the hibachi dishes.That's pretty easy to do when I don't like sushi. You have now witnessed the full extent of my willpower.It seems like it should be something that's pretty…

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